The PAKwall battery is designed to be the heart of your home power backup or renewable energy system. Using powerful lithium-ion technology, the PAKwall can store energy from any source to be used as needed. Easy to install, the PAKwall is versatile and can be integrated with a large number of solar equipment like inverters and charge controllers.

The PAKwall will provide energy security in a power outage. With the PAKwall, save money on your electricity bill through peak shaving, improving time-of-use, or as a component in a net-zero home. Combine PAKwall systems together to create more capacity for longer uptimes or larger loads. It can be charged/discharged thousands of times, for many years of reliable operation.

Install in an office, workshop, laboratory, or near critical commercial or industrial equipment to provide peace of mind to keep those areas running.

  • The PAKwall system is a powerful rechargeable lithium ion energy storage unit.
  • Designed for a variety of applications, the PAKwall can be used to power homes, equipment, lighting.
  • The PAKwall is very versatile, and can be integrated with many renewable energy equipment such as inverters and charge controllers.
  • Charge with solar, wind, or from the grid.
  • Expand the capability of any renewable energy installation, giving you complete self-sufficiency.
  • Add additional PAKport systems to increase capacity, allowing for longer periods of backup power.
  • Designed and built in Ontario, Canada.
  • The PAKwall provides piece of mind for any installation by securing your most important loads against power failure.
  • Evaluated and meets Ontario electrical safety requirements CSA SPE-1000.

Nominal Voltage


Charge Voltage


Discharge voltage


Capacity (kWh)


Capacity (Ah)


Max. Continuous Current (Charge/Discharge)


Max. Instantaneous Current (Charge/Discharge)


Continuous Power


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