DesignAre you in need of an energy solution? All you have to do is provide us some guidelines; this includes what the product will be used for, how often and how much energy will be required. We will also need to know to the purpose of the solution; will it be for communication, lighting or emergency? We will take it from there, and continue the process through exchange of correspondence and quotations. We are able to customize battery solutions to the dimensions and shape that are required, considering the amount of energy needed to be delivered within a certain period of time.

We will require the following before we can begin designing your energy solution:

  • Voltage requirements
  • Loads to be powered
  • Dimensions, volume and space available
  • Weight requirements
  • Time frame to execute the project
  • The quantity to produce, over time
  • Documentation and certifications required


Your project will be evaluated, researched, drawn upon your desired specifications.


An execution plan to prepare to ensure best possible solutions and user requirements.


The assembly starts with samples and revisions meeting users expectations. 


Your project will be constructed within the safe and quality standards.