PAKwall lithium-ion energy storage batteries protect your home from the effects of unforeseen power failures. With PAKwall, keep your important electronics and appliances running like your lights, internet, furnace fans to keep your home warm, and fridges to keep your perishables safe. Available backup power is especially useful when a sump pump is required to prevent flooding and damage to basements.

PAKwall is a powerful safe and reliable energy storage system based on leading-edge lithium-ion battery technology. Seamlessly transfer from grid to backup power when needed. Roof-mounted solar makes PAKwall even better. Store solar energy in your PAKwall and have green power available on-demand, not just when the sun is shining. Add additional units over time to increase your home’s total backup energy capacity or better manage your solar resources.

If your home is completely off-grid, PAKwall energy storage gives you even more value. PAKwall with renewables can keep your home powered around the clock, giving you true energy independence. PAKwall batteries can be integrated with a wide range of equipment common in the renewable market. Choose the inverters and charge controllers that are right for you. Flexibility allows you to get exactly what you need from your home energy system. Contact us at eV Fern to learn more about how a PAKwall battery can protect and improve your home.