On your film set, a reliable supply of power is critical. When filming on location, access to that power can be a challenge. eV Fern produces a wide range of batteries and battery generators to meet the needs of film and broadcast industry equipment. From cameras and lights to audio and broadcast equipment, eV Fern’s PAK series batteries can meet your needs. eV Fern has been customizing highly portable and rugged batteries specifically for the film industry for years.

Traditional fossil-fueled generators are noisy and need to be moved far from the set in order to avoid disturbing a shoot. Traditional fossil-fueled generators also require maintenance and constant refuelling. PAKport battery generators fix these problems. With quiet and clean power, AC and DC options, PAKport batteries meet the needs of the film industry. Combine the PAKport with an optional solar kit and you are generating your own power on location. For many applications, the solar panels provide enough energy to not only power cameras and other equipment but also charge the PAKport batteries during operation. 

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