Power for Catering

Power generators are a staple for any catering company that caters to outdoor events or caters to any remote areas where power isn’t easily accessible. Conventional gas-powered generators emit a high level of noise, as well as dangerous gas fumes, that can disrupt an event. Gas-powered generators also require strategic placement, long cables, as well as fuelling, which can be very difficult depending on the venue.

Our Canadian Built PAK® Series of portable lithium-ion battery packs allows for extreme portability of reliable power that is completely emission-free, allowing for use in enclosed areas. Coupling a PAK® Series with a quick-charging PV Solar array will give you truly off-grid and green energy.

Dependable – Rechargeable – Renewable

Professional Grade Equipment

The PAK® Series are designed & built to deliver high-performance over a greater life expectancy than other batteries and competitors.

Every battery that leaves our Canadian manufacturing facility is thoroughly tested to ensure the highest yield of the lithium-ion cells possible.

Alternative to Gas Powered Generators

The PAK® Series is a complete substitute for a gas-powered generator to supply electricity to appliances, lighting, communication equipment, tools, and anything else that may need powering while in a remote area. The PAK® Series is offered from 512 to 5120 Watt Hours of portable energy storage, allowing for maximum portability and affordability. All PAK® Series batteries are capable of over 2,000 discharges, while competitors can only deliver ‘up to 800 cycles’, allowing for greater cost savings over the life of the battery.

Whether you need to run lights, appliances, or other equipment on-site, our PAK® Series gives you the power you need without noxious gas or noise. Set yourself apart from your competitors by promoting yourself as a Green Energy catering company.

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