During emergency power outages, a consistent and reliable backup power system is critical to ensuring that you are prepared for the situation. Recent major weather events have unfortunately demonstrated the importance of getting power back fast, as power from the energy grid could take weeks to restore.

Our emergency power backup batteries and systems allow for energy usage during extended periods of power outages. Coupling a high-performing energy storage solution with a renewable energy product, such as solar panels or turbines, allows for you to remain off-grid for extremely extended periods of time, without the need to store petrol or diesel fuel for a loud & noxious generator.

Emergency Power System

A high-performance and large-capacity emergency power system, the PAKwall® allows for an entire home, business, or organization to quickly regain complete power at the flip of a switch, or upon a power failure. Not only is this system able to combine with other PAKwall® units to allow for increased load and run-time, but adding a renewable recharging system will allow the system to remain off-grid for extreme amounts of time.