Accessible and reliable electricity is essential to any construction project, small or large. When grid power isn’t readily available, gas generators have been the solution for years. Gas generators have their own problems, however: noise, pollution, maintenance and fuel costs. The PAKport portable battery generator fixes all of these problems. Providing a continuous 2000W of clean AC electricity, even heavy-duty equipment like jackhammers and saws are no problem. The unit is silent, uses barely any electricity when ‘idling’, and requires no venting or maintenance. The unit charges quickly, as fast as three hours.

The PAKport has one more feature that really sets it apart from the competition. A PAKport solar kit can be included. When integrated with solar, the battery can be charged continuously while in operation or sitting idle. This extends battery life. For some users, when the amount of solar-generated is more than what their tools require, the battery never even loses capacity. Entire construction projects can be powered by PAKport generators without ever needing additional fuel to be transported to the construction site.

The PAKport battery is built into an easy to carry and rugged case. The case can be moved by one person and lifted into and out of trucks easily by two people. The PAKport can be used anywhere. Since venting isn’t required, the PAKport can power equipment indoors and in enclosed areas like basements without danger. Contact us at eV Fern to see how PAKport generators can benefit you on your construction site.