Whether you work in an office, store, or workshop – power outages are disruptive. A prolonged power outage can be costly, causing your business to lose sales, time, product or data. PAKwall energy storage systems can protect you from disruptions and costs caused by unforeseen power outages. A PAKwall system can be configured as an uninterruptable power supply, automatically providing backup power to all of your business’ most critical loads.

If your business has installed or is thinking about installing solar, the PAKwall battery has even more value. By charging from the sun during the day and using the green energy stored PAKwall battery when the sun goes down, you can save money on your power bill. An adequately sized system can even give your business complete energy independence.

PAKwall is flexible, and the experts at eV Fern are willing to work with you to create a system that meets your specific needs. Whether you need backup power for a single piece of equipment, your lighting, or your entire building, PAKwall can power everything.