Farm during winter sunset

Backup Power Solutions for Farms

Strong winter ice conditions and summer wind storms can make it very difficult for farmers to have a reliable electricity grid. Longer-term power outages can be especially devastating for farmers who need dependable electricity to operate machinery that healthy livestock relies on.

Unlike traditional gas-powered generators, our PAK® Series backup energy storage solution is tailored for each individual farm and agricultural application. This is to ensure that all rural electricity and start-up surge requirements are taken into consideration while building the best value system to protect against long-term power loss or even to hedge against rising electricity costs.


Dependable – Rechargeable – Renewable

Professional Grade Equipment

The Canadian made PAK® Series is a professional-grade, lightweight, battery system that is completely silent and is emission-free. It is safe for use in enclosed spaces and features a rugged water-resistant case while being virtually maintenance-free. Every battery that leaves our Canadian manufacturing facility is thoroughly tested to ensure the highest yield of the lithium-ion cells possible.

Alternative to Gas Generators

For a more continuous flow of energy, necessary to raise livestock, run ventilation fans for cooling milk or in larger confinement operations – heavy-duty, off-grid applications are available. Depending on your circumstances we can guide you to the most reliable energy system that fits your needs, power requirements and budget.

With the ever-increasing costs of grid-supplied electricity, our renewable energy systems allow any size of the farm to either decrease or eliminate their reliance on energy companies, potentially saving thousands every month. Decrease your monthly costs and increase your margins today!