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eV Fern Ltd designs and manufactures high energy density rechargeable batteries for single use, limited use or extended life applications. Our customers want a solution to complete a world-class challenge, while others are looking for sustainable off-grid power that could help remote communities. Our custom batteries are designed exactly to your specifications: Save space - Reduce weight - Increase capacity or power output

Pak Products

PAK Wall

Power your home, cottage or business

  • High capacity, 5kWh or 10kWh models

  • Combine with solar power or other renewables

  • Combine units to increase capacity

The PAKwall battery is designed to be the heart of your home power backup or renewable energy system. Using powerful lithium-ion technology, the PAKwall can store energy from any source to be used as needed. Easy to install, the PAKwall is versatile and can be integrated with a large number of solar equipment like inverters and charge controllers.

The PAKwall will provide energy security in a power outage. With the PAKwall, save money on your electricity bill through peak shaving, improving time-of-use, or as a component in a net-zero home. Combine PAKwall systems together to create more capacity for longer uptimes or larger loads. It can be charged/discharged thousands of times, for many years of reliable operation.

Install in an office, workshop, laboratory, or near critical commercial or industrial equipment to provide peace of mind to keep those areas running.

PAK Port

  • Carry power where you need it

  • Extreme capacity for portable, 3.8kWh

  • Powers standard 120V devices

  • Solar options for complete solar generation


The PAKport power pack is an AC generator powered by a powerful lithium-ion battery. It is portable and designed to be used in a huge variety of applications. Power anything from construction equipment to campsites, from film equipment to emergency backup power. Anything that you can power from a standard outlet can be powered by the PAKport energy system.

The PAKport goes further than a typical fossil fuel generator. With a solar charging option available, it can create free energy while powering your equipment. Simply place a couple of solar panels near the PAKport and you have a miniature solar farm creating energy for you. With no maintenance and no emissions, the PAKport can save you money and time when compared to other generators.


  • The PAKwall system is a powerful rechargeable lithium ion energy storage unit. Designed for a variety of applications, the PAKwall can be used to power homes, equipment, lighting.

  • The PAKwall is very versatile, and can be integrated with many renewable energy equipment such as inverters and charge controllers.

  • Charge with solar, wind, or from the grid.

  • Expand the capability of any renewable energy installation, giving you complete self-sufficiency.

  • Add additional PAKport systems to increase capacity, allowing for longer periods of backup power.

  • Designed and built in Ontario, Canada.

  • The PAKwall provides piece of mind for any installation by securing your most important loads against power failure.

  • Evaluated and meets Ontario electrical safety requirements CSA SPE-1000.


Nominal Voltage 51.2V

Charge Voltage 59.2V

Discharge voltage 41V

Capacity (kWh) 5.12kWh

Capacity (Ah) 100Ah

Max. Continuous Current (Charge/Discharge) 125A

Max. Instantaneous Current (Charge/Discharge) 125A

Continuous Power 5.1kW


  • The PAKport system is a powerful and portable rechargeable lithium ion power pack.

  • An environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fueled generators.

  • Power a wide array of 120V equipment, just as you would from a standard outlet.

  • Options for solar generation available.

  • Easy to move luggage style container.

  • Designed and built in Ontario, Canada.

  • A large amount of possible applications: Outdoorsmen and camping, film industry, construction, emergency backup, etc.


Nominal Voltage (Battery) 51.2Vdc

Voltage (Output) 120Vac

Capacity (kWh) 3.84kWh

Capacity (Ah) 150Ah

Max. Continuous Current (Charge/Discharge) 100A

Max. Inverter Output 17A

Continuous Power 2000W

Example Loads

Item                                           Watts     No Solar Hours   With Solar Hours

Electric Jackhammer                1800                  2.0                        2.6

Table Saw                                 1700                  2.1                        2.9

Shop-Vac                                  1300                  2.7                        4.2

Jig Saw                                      570                    6.3                        29.7

Guitar Amp                               400                    8.9              No Capacity Loss

Refrigerator                              120                    29.7            No Capacity Loss

Flat Panel TV                            100                    35.6            No Capacity Loss

Laptop                                       65                      54.8            No Capacity Loss

Emergency LED x 5 (6W)         30                      118.8          No Capacity Loss

Cell Phone (Charging)               18                      198.0          No Capacity Loss

Custom Battery Solutions

Are you in need of an energy solution? All you have to do is provide us with some guidelines; this includes what the product will be used for, how often, and how much energy will be required. We will also need to know the purpose of the solution; will it be for communication, lighting, or emergency? We will take it from there, and continue the process through the exchange of correspondence and quotations. We are able to customize battery solutions to the dimensions and shapes that are required, considering the amount of energy needed to be delivered within a certain period of time.

We will require the following before we can begin designing your energy solution:

  • Voltage requirements

  • Loads to be powered

  • Dimensions, volume and space available

  • Weight requirements

  • Time frame to execute the project

  • The quantity to produce, over time

  • Documentation and certifications required


Your project will be evaluated, researched, drawn upon your desired specifications.


An execution plan to prepare to ensure best possible solutions and user requirements.


The assembly starts with samples and revisions meeting users expectations. 


Your project will be constructed within the safe and quality standards.