Model PAK®500P 12V 40Ah 512Wh

Model PAK®500P 12V 40Ah 512Wh
SOC (State of Charge) Reader IndicatorModel PAK 500P series lithium ion battery with plugs

Model PAK®500P 12V 40Ah 512Wh

The PAK® Series power Lighting, Cameras, Sound, Communication, Off Grid Installation with zero emissions.

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Product Description

Mobile Energy Storage  – PAK® Series

Primary designed to substitute small power generators. They recharge with the grid or clean renewable energy. When connected to a PV Solar array they become a portable and mobile power plants.

The PAK® Series power Lighting, Cameras, Sound, Communication, Off Grid Installation with zero emissions.

PAK® Series includes a Lithium Ion Battery with safety controls, all install in a water tight and impact resistant enclosure. If required to be carried or lifted they are wheels and handles included.

MODEL PAK®500P     Designed for the Motion Picture and TV industry.



  • Nominal Voltage:   12.8 V
  • Maximum Voltage:  15.4 V
  • Minimum Voltage:  10.0 V
  • Energy Storage: 512 Wh
  • Energy Available: 410 Wh
  • Continuous Discharge:  Up to 30 A
  •  Life Cycle:  Up to 2000 cycles at 80% DOD
  • Mass: 7.0 Kg  (15.5 lbs)



  • High Impact Case with sealed lid
  • 12VDC 7A  cUL  Lithium Ion Battery Charger 115V AC
  • 4 Four pin XLR connectors
  • 1 USB 2.0 connector
  • Digital Display with Capacity, Storage, Bar Graph, Time Left to use, Time Needed to Recharge.
  • Charging Temperature from 5°C to 40°C
  • Discharging Temperature from -30°C to 45°C
  • Instructions, Warnings, Warranty



  • Custom Design Available
  • Bus Bar Connector up to 4 Battery Packs (up 2000 Wh) in Parallel
  • Recharge with Solar Power Kit available



  • Do not short circuit (Short Circuit protection in function at all time)
  • Do not put in fire
  • Do mix and use with other types of batteries
  • Do not recharge below 0° C
  • Uses specified charger only
  • Read the instruction manual before uses
  • Lithium Ion Batteries are Dangerous Goods and must be handled and used with care
  • eV Fern Lithium Ion Batteries over 100 Wh cannot be carried by air transport.  Please call for more information

The information listed above can change without notice.  It is recommended to call Customer Service to confirm the availability and delivery terms. Custom design is available upon specifications and price will be adjusted accordingly.  This battery is built in Canada