Portable Battery Pack for Film Production

Power Wherever You Need It

Introducing The PAK® Series

Reliable power on a film set is critical, however sometimes it’s difficult to coordinate your generators due to location and time constraints. With our PAK® Series of professional batteries, you can have the portable power you need on set, without any noise from generators; the sound crew will thank you!

Our Canadian built PAK® Series delivers long lasting battery power in a compact, rugged, and splash resistant enclosure. Unlike heavy and inefficient lead-acid batteries, PAK® Series batteries are easy to carry, and are built to withstand the elements.

Whether you need to run sound gear, lights, charge batteries, or run your monitors, you can be sure that you will have more than enough reliable power for your entire day of shooting.

Add on a method to recharge your batteries, such as one of our solar, wind, or water turbine accessories, and never run out of power while on location.

PAK 500P Portable Battery

Dependable - Rechargeable - Renewable

PAK 3000 Portable Battery

Technical Details

The PAK® Series are designed & built to deliver high-performance over a greater life expectation than other batteries and competitors.

Every battery that leaves our Canadian manufacturing facility is thoroughly tested to ensure the highest yield of the lithium ion cells possible.


The PAK® Series usefulness goes far beyond  providing you On-Location power in remote areas. Other excellent applications of our high-quality PAK® Series include:

  • Back-up Power & Emergency Power
  • Boats
  • Camping & ‘Glamping’
  • Cottages
  • Enclosed Areas
  • Film & Photography On-Location Power
  • Hiking
  • Recreation Vehicles & Off-Road
  • Mobile Offices or Workshops
  • Work Trucks

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