Power for Outdoor Inflatables

Power Source for Bouncy Castles & More

Powering inflatable blowers for bouncy castles, slides, and other bouncers, with gas generators while on site of an event is an expense that continues to rise. Your rental revenues are declining while gas prices continue to surge; you need an alternative that will allow you to increase your margins through decreasing operating costs.

The PAK® lineup of portable lithium ion battery packs are your solution to increasing your margins. Not only are these portable and light weight batteries completely silent, they are also emission free, meaning that they can be used in enclosed areas. Want to take your power needs off-grid completely? Couple a PAK® with a quick-charging PV Solar array, and never pay for the energy you need again!

Power for Inflatables

Dependable - Rechargeable - Renewable

PAK 3000 Portable Battery

Professional Grade Equipment

The PAK® Series are designed & built to deliver high-performance over a greater life expectation than other batteries and competitors.

Every battery that leaves our Canadian manufacturing facility is thoroughly tested to ensure the highest yield of the lithium ion cells possible.

Alternative to Gas Powered Generators

Being a complete substitute to traditional generators, the PAK® Series allows from 512 to 5120 Watt Hours of portable energy storage, giving you the power needed to run blowers all day long, anywhere. All PAK® batteries are capable of over 2,000 discharge and re-charge cycles, while the competition’s battery can only deliver up to 800 cycles; you can be sure that when buying a PAK® Series battery, you are buying a high-quality Canadian made product that is built for high-performance, with no toxic gas emissions and no noise emission.

Decrease your costs of operation and increase your margins by switching from gas generators to the PAK® Series of extreme performance batteries.

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