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Incorporated in 2010 in Oshawa Ontario Canada, eV Fern began with a vision of creating lithium-ion batteries intended to convert pickup trucks and van vehicles from gas engines to electric.

After completing some successful retrofits, the electric vehicle industry became much more mainstream. eV Fern changed its focus and started to develop custom lithium batteries for a wider range of industries. We developed a line of high-capacity battery systems called the EVBEAR. Many of these original units are still in operation today powering houses, cottages, and businesses. During this time we also build and developed many batteries for low-speed electric vehicles like e-bikes and scooters, dubbed EVLINX.

Following the tremendous international marketing success generated by a number of companies internationally for home energy systems, we decided to develop high-quality 5 and 10 kWh energy storage systems in 2016. We developed the PAKwall battery, engineered to a high degree of safety, reliability, and power.

In 2019, we expanded the PAK series of batteries to include a very powerful portable system, called the PAKport. With this system, users can take a large amount of power anywhere and power whatever devices they need.

We believe that lithium-ion is the battery chemistry with the best mix of longevity, power, and affordability compared to any others. All of our products are built with this technology. We have access to some of the most advanced developments in the field.

eV Fern is dedicated to remaining a green company. We make initiatives to save electricity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our products allow others to do the same. All eV Fern products can be integrated with renewable generation from solar and wind. We provide our clients with the knowledge they require to make informed decisions, and can design and develop comprehensive green energy systems to meet their specific needs.

We are also committed to building relationships within our local community. We work with university research groups, researchers, and partner businesses to continue to develop high-quality green energy products.

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