For close to a decade, the team at EV Fern Ltd. has been designing and building high-density energy storage systems, while carrying out research and development to further increase the efficiency of renewable energy products. Proudly Canadian, EV Fern Ltd. is committed to high quality energy systems that meet and surpass your performance, product life, and battery capacity needs.

With an experienced support team of specialist in electronics, mechanical, and the electrical industries, you can be certain that the your initial idea will be Researched, Developed and Built by a team of EV Fern experts suit your exact needs.

Seeking a custom battery solution unique to your needs? EV Fern Ltd. has designed and built high-density battery packs for many unique applications, from rechargeable battery systems for world-class sail boat racers and high-performance batteries for electric vehicle racing leagues, to off-grid power solutions for remote communities.

Custom Battery Design

Our custom batteries are designed exactly to your needs; saving space, reducing weight, increasing energy capacity, or modifying outputs. Looking for a custom energy solution for your unique needs?

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